Humble Harve

A Radio Legend, and arguably the “coolest” personality in the history of broadcasting. He brought a bluesy-boogie boogie-soulful approach to rock that might be described as the Dr. John of radio, the Night Tripper of Radio Soul.  Was he black? Was he white? He was too cool to know. 

It wasn’t how much he said, it was all “how he said it.” His deep, rhythmic, mellifluous style sounded right out of New Orleans or Detroit. His signature “MOTOWN!” Introduction of any soulful music from the Motor City, was a stamp of validation, a testament of authenticity, the official “turn your radio up it’s time to party” shoutout for everyone on the West Coast.  

Starting out as a record promo man for Mercury Records in the 50’s, he met the top DJ's of the east coast and this gave him his first connections in the booming hit music radio industry.

“Humble” Harve Miller began his career in 1958 at radio station WAAT in Trenton, New Jersey. Soon after, he moved to WIBG in Philadelphia, where he worked from 1958 to 1962. Then, it was on to Los Angeles, and after a period at KBLA he became part of the west coast giant, KHJ and the amazing “Boss Radio” format. 

Harve was the top-rated nighttime disc jockey throughout a five year period, and did commercials, voice-overs, and did the narration of the documentary film “Mondo Mod.” 

Harve produced a groundbreaking Rock festival in the summer of 1968, called: "The Newport Pop Festival" a 3 day blockbuster, star studded extravaganza that was the showcase for Woodstock, a year later.

He also narrated the late - 1969 version of KHJ’s “History of Rock and Roll,” a 48 hour special that aired throughout the early 1970s. 

In the mid-70s, he was hired to do an evening show when station KKDJ was purchased by the owners of KIIS. His voice was featured in the 1975 movie “Aloha Bobby and Rose,” as the title characters listen to their car radio.  He went on to became the host of the “National Album Countdown.”

Among the Los Angeles radio stations Humble Harve worked for throughout the years are KIQQ, KIIS, KUTE, KRLA, KRTH, KCBS-FM, and KZLA. His several stints at KRLA were some of the favorite years of his career. .

In addition he worked for WIBG in Philadelphia in the 80s, and KVI in Seattle, Washington in the late 80s, while narrating a variety of syndicated radio specials during the 80s and 90s.  He also spent a number of great years doing shows for AFRTS, American Forces Radio and Television Service.

In 1995, Humble Harve was inducted into the “Rock’nRoll Hall of Fame.”