Goodbye, Humble Harve Miller (1935-2019).
We've lost one of the brightest broadcast comets to streak across the SoCal airwaves in the late 1960s. Harvey Miller had a fast patter with a New Joisey brogue--complete with rolled Rs. He had a genuine love of doo-wop vocals, and he championed the tough soul sounds coming out of Detroit. But Harve was somehow handmade for the psychedelic sounds that were exploding throughout the Hollywood Renaissance. He was the nighttime man for Boss Radio, L.A.'s highest-rated Top 30 station, but he was a presence at The Cheetah, and was titular impresario of the 1968 Newport Pop Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  
Harvey Miller had been on the air since he was eighteen, learning the microphone in Trenton and Philadelphia, before he came west in 1966. When he started on KHJ in February, 1967, Harve was in the big leagues.  
But his brief tenure at Burbank's KBLA saw him giving it his all, and letting his imagination flow. One Sunday night in October 1966, wound-up like a speed-freak's watch, he riffed and free-associated to the music: 

HUMBLE HARVE: "Have-you-seen-your-mother-baby-standing-in-the-shadows, by the Stones; they’re my righteous brothers, baby--takin’ care of business for ya. Ten-twenty-seven, K-B-L-A-Arrround-the-World-uh-Sweep-uh-stakes-uh-time. And by the way, if you missed it, baby, you missed the big one. This Sunday night, just about an hour ago, from nine to ten every Sunday night—mark this down on your calendar—from nine to ten. If you dig the Stones, you gonna dig Humble Harve and KBLA. For the first time, a regular one-hour feature—every Sunday night from nine to ten—one hour of nothing’ but the absolute Stones!”  
...(OVER THE OPENING OF “Mystic Eyes” BY THEM) "Yeah—Van…gonna take you by the hand. …Do you have mystic eyes? …Or do they always look like that? …Your eyes sure look funny to me tonight, baby. …Your pupils are all…distended and everything. …Whatchu thinkin’ ‘bout, baby? …Which plateau are you on tonight, eh? …You on the eighth bardo; have moicy.  
…(OVER THE CLOSING STRAINS OF THE RECORD): “Ummm, UNNHH, baby! …I never seen anybody with a pair uh eyes like you got, baby. …Those pupils are sure…bulgin’ out tonight. Yeyah. …Guess you could call ‘em mystic eyes. …They look like somethin’ Ravi Shankar brought in, baby, then forgot to take out again. …It’s ten-nineteen, KBLA-Around-the-World-uh-Sweep-uh-stakes-time-in-the-City-of-the-Angels...” 

(C) 2019 Kirk Silsbee

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Putting the Fun back in Radio

Inspired by the most amazing music created in every decade, Harve began collecting everything from doo wop and boogie woogie, to R&B, rock, pop, standards, and the sounds of our culture and what made people happy. His collection included movie trailers, television shows, news events, concerts, and memories of decades of life in America. He began formulating a visionary showcase of good times that people could re-live again and again, every day, any time of day. Today, all that effort has come to life, worldwide, and it's available free 24 hours a day. 

It's more than just finding and programming the greatest music from five decades, Harve wanted to bring back the sounds and  golden memories from the past that included vintage commercials, movie trailers, news moments, and classic radio personalities that brought life to the radio landscape before the internet and social media. 

The “Cruisin’ Oldies Diner” music format has been Humble Harve's labor of love spanning decades of recording, collecting, and creating a massive collection of extraordinary music, jingles, promos, memorabilia, and audio memories.

Every hour is rich with original content painstakingly crafted over dozens of years with fanatical attention detail, and presented in an intricate, carefully composed structure designed to deliver the most imaginative and entertaining cross-section of uplifting memories and music. This is music, not from just the 50s and the 60s, but spanning five decades of stimulating entertainment. 

This is “Feel Good Radio” on the highest level, and there are hundreds and hundreds of songs and entertaining features and interstitials to guarantee it never grows old.